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Circles And Squares

I have released new game! Circles And Squares!

Play here

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Magnetic Moment

I have released game about magnets. Game have retitled and now it is "Magnetic Moment"! 

Magnetic Moment

Play it here

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Fly And Shoot 2 is developing
Fly And Shoot 2 is developing. It will be with a career mode, with upgrades and with more fun and drive. Coming soon January.
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Fly And Shoot... and Once Again Shoot

"Fly And Shoot" is released!

Fly And Shoot

You can play it here or here

Category: Games | Views: 230 | Date: 24.12.2009 | Comments (1)

To code for the 24 hours
Five days ago I purposed to code a simple game for the twenty four hours. I wished to make it not simply so. I wished to make it for the analysis of quantity of money which the sponsor will offers for this game. Now game is uploaded to FGL and approved to sponsor's view. The report about sponsor's interest for this game will be soon!

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New game - New screenshot

It is screenshot from my new game "Use Magnets". Game have completed already and will released soon.
Category: Games | Views: 248 | Date: 05.12.2009 | Comments (2)

About "Bluenoid and Greenoid"
This game in active bidding on FGL. But sponsors is not so active as I want. I think that I wait one-two weeks and if sponsors not wake up, I will release game on this site. Maybe, I will try to working with mochiad. Also I want to take some advice about working with mochimedia.
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Screenshots from developed game



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New game is developing!
While trequel of "The circular blot" has not the best times, there is absolutely other game is developing! New game based on great idea. Game is no titled yet and it is be in concept's developing stage.
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TCB 3 is frozen.
The circular blot 3 is frozen. Most possibly, TCB3 will be retitled and released as separate from brand "The circular blot" game. It is connected with change of graphic style, and the big differences in a gameplay.

I can not write more because my English is soo bad...
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